Welcome to “Future Tao: Training Space,” an experimental arena for mind and body training. Central to our program is a reconsideration of Taoist informed ideas with contemporary imagination. How are ancient strivings towards expanded consciousness, energy cultivation and union between man and nature relevant in today’s context? As definitions of nature, reality and the self are rapidly changing in the present times, it is critically important to renew our methods to understand spiritual belonging in the universe. The exhibition hopes to harness the collaborative potential between old and new technologies in search of self-cultivation methods appropriate for today.

“Future Tao: Training Space” features three artists working in the capacity of sound, body movement, and computer-generated realities. Each project embodies personal approach to self-cultivation, a pursuit in art and life that is at the core of their ongoing practices.

Sheryl Cheung’s ”Inner Soundscapes“ is an experimental sound project that interprets the sounds of Taichi in public parks of Taiwan. Taichi, as a form of Chinese martial arts, stresses on the cultivation of energy within oneself as well as with one’s surroundings. Using field-recordings and biofeedback collected from Taichi practitioners and their surrounding natural life, the project seeks to explore relationships, changes, and the life force of the animated park life.

Xia Lin’s ”3C Xing Yi Quan“ is an open source project that invites different community groups to collaboratively develop a new style of martial arts that imitates the body language and characteristics of 3C products, such as laptops, cellphones and selfie sticks. As these products largely make up our technological habitat today, the project aims to reinterpret the Taichi concept of achieving spiritual union with our surroundings.

NAXS’s ”XR-XATA-01“ is a virtual reality project that presents a ritualistic experience of faith. A digital ship with VR equipment goes underwater to explore the sensory functions and narrative methods of digital humans. While submerging into the abyss of the Internet, the ship considers the possibility of an evolving consciousness that goes beyond that of the individual.

Concurrently, an online inner scripture is also available for browsing at the exhibition. lololol.net is a participating pavilion of the Bangkok Biennial collectively written by 30 artists who contribute their artistic reflections on self-cultivation in contemporary times. Participating artists include eteam, Fong Han-yu, Heavy Breathing, IDPW, Petra Johnson, Son Ni, Xia Lin, Chen Xian, TEIHAKU, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan
& Craig Stubbs-Race
, Internal Motivations, Itaru Ouwan, Jin Sangtae, Nigel Brown, Sheryl Cheung, Sound of Mountains, AUSH, Ebix, Chen Chen Yu, Jin Chien, Liou, Heng, Scotty Chang, Semi Su, Shark Lin, Teng Yung Han, OHAU!, XiaoAoJiangHu.Time, Yang Yu Chiao, and Yi Xian Health Group.

「Future Tao超個體當代修行:練功房」是一個關注道思想的實驗性身心鍛鍊場所,其項目最初靈感來自於台灣的公園武術文化。透過平日的太極拳練習、社群交流、公園環境中的各種聯繫,我們開始思考,道家所提倡的意識延展、能量循環、天人合一等修行觀念在今日的語境下如何被解讀?隨著科技的演進,人類的生活方式越來越趨近生化人的存在,而我們對自然、真實、和存在的理解也隨之改變。這些意象影響著人類在宇宙中的靈性歸屬;對此,我們試圖於融匯古今身體和感知技術,以尋找適合這個世代的養生方式。

展覽中的三位藝術家張欣、林亭君、和NAXS corp.(涅所開發)以聲音、身體運動、和電腦生成技術為修行渠道去提煉著各自獨特的身心調和之道。

張欣的“內在音景”重新詮釋中國武術的內在音景。武術文化的起源關係著人對大自然的觀察,特別是從大地的生死交替、和動植物的生活習性所提煉出的生物論,進而發展出針對人體的養身方法。修道者透過呼吸和身體動作去呼喚、連接自然界的力量。在當代生活裡,我們怎麼透過聆聽去理解武術作為流傳至今的修身方法? 此專輯採用平日太極練習和周圍環境的田野錄音和生物數據。


NAXS corp.的“XR-XATA-01”是一個虛擬實境作品,以儀式為方法嘗試塑造當代的信仰體驗。一艘數位船筏與VR顯示器的漂浮、下沉,探索數位人類的感官機能及敘事方法。在潛入網路深淵的同時,也窺視某種超越個體之意識演化的可能。如同生命之源的遠古海洋一般,連接著所有慾望主體,吸納包容一切訊息、記憶與情感的廣袤網路,當無數信息與情感漲落的,網路之海是否也正孕育著某種意志?

與此展覽同時展出的「Future Tao:超個體身心秘笈(lololol.net)」為2018年曼谷雙年展的線上館之一,由30位藝術家共同寫作而成,本項目試圖建立一個去中心化的修行分享模式,共同對當代身體技術和修行進行探討和想像。參展藝術家包括Eteam鳳漢玉重呼吸IDPW佩雀 · 喬安森林亭君Son Ni陳璽安鐵一陳雋然&Craig Stubbs-Race內在運動追灣及金相太奈鳩 · 布朗張欣山的聲音AUSHEbix陳呈毓近謙Liou郭恆張敬昇蘇紳源Shark Lin鄧詠涵OHAU!笑傲江湖 Time楊雨樵、和逸仙養生隊。此計畫將持續發展更新
Negotiations for a shared embodiment
Tree branch, ink on paper
Life Cultivation: Score (Diary)
Plant Monitor (Doppelganger)
Looped film
For or against the quantified self
Data, leaves, sensor, notes

3C Xing Yi Quan
Video Installation, 9'30"

Virtual reality installation

Future Tao: Online Inner Scripture
Ongoing Website Project, 2018

Future Tao: Online Inner Scripture is an ongoing interpretive manuscript of Taoist-informed experimental practices for mind and body cultivation in contemporary times. Initiated by lololol, the manuscript is collectively written and organically evolving, and includes a decentralized program of exercises and techniques shared as a community for inspirations of healthy living.