3C Xing Yi Quan: Workshop #7
3C形意拳工作坊 #7

Xia Lin 林亭君

The 7th workshop of "3C Xing Yi Quan" was held at Hong's Foundation for Education & Culture, a place dedicated to Chinese-philosophy and history classes. The participants of this workshop came with some experience of Taiji and Qigong. After practicing a few basic moves together, We started to improvise new forms for 3C Xing Yi Quan. I asked them what kind of 3C objects(computer, comunication, comsumer electronics) they like. One women described her relationship with her refrigerator, how she opens the fridge door to take food with happiness on her face. Another young man demonstrated the rotation of his desk lamp; while an elder man, Mr. Jiang, improvised a move based on playing the keyboard.