Future Tao: Online Inner Scripture is an ongoing interpretive manuscript of Taoist-informed experimental practices for mind and body cultivation in contemporary times. Initiated by lololol, the manuscript is collectively written and organically evolving, and includes a decentralized program of exercises and techniques shared as a community for inspirations of healthy living.

Responding to today's increasingly cybernetic lifestyles, the program includes a variety of benefits, including the improvement of circulation between the real and virtual, fitness of expanded consciousness, deeper understanding of our new bodies, and connection between lives of all kind.

Since ancient times, humans have been developing mind and body techniques to expand their material experience and the potential of consciousness. Since the Enlightenment, such efforts have been predominated by the logic of science and western technology. As computer technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in everyday life, human lifestyles are becoming increasingly cybernetic, and our sense of space, time and existence is rapidly changing. In face in these new living conditions, what are new mind and body practices for the purpose of self-cultivation?

The kind of self-cultivation we explore in this project is marked by an excavation of ancient Taoist wisdom re-embodied with contemporary imagination. The manuscript builds upon, but are not limited to, ontological dualism, cosmic technics, mindful consciousness, and active relationship between heaven, man and nature.

The practice of Future Tao begins with three channels:

 Dantian (dynamic exercise) A sea of energy located three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel. Stand with your weight on both feet, breathe naturally, and focus on drawing energy into the abdomen, keep it stable and maintained. Practice mindful cultivation of the dantian, activate the force, develop the elixir by refining and purifying essence into vitality.

 Inner Ear (static exercise) The innermost part of the vertebrate ear. The inner ear is responsible for sound detection and balance. Irregularity will cause symptoms such as nausea and headaches. Listen around you and convert the mechanical vibrations of the ear into neural signals. Practice mindful cultivation of the Inner Ear and ease the flow between the mechanical and the neurosensory.

 Baihui (to gather) An energy point that literally means “hundred meetings.” Located on the central body axis, aligned with the top of the ear, baihui is intricately connected with the brain and regulated its functions. The meeting point of a hundred veins that networks throughout the body. Practice mindful cultivation of the Baihui to help the balance of corporeal yin and yang.

《未來道:線上秘笈》是一個關注道思想的身心秘笈,2018年由 lololol 發起,持續發展。此秘笈由集體寫作而成,共同對當代身體技術和修行進行探討和想像。本項目試圖建立一個去中心化的修行分享模式,定期推出實驗性運動和修行技巧,尋找合適當代養身的生活方法。




 丹田(動功)

 內耳(靜功)

 百會(聚集)