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lololol is a boundless laughter, an endless extension of lol (laugh out loud), an acronym that appears to be constructed by the building blocks of computer code. lololol is a hearty release amidst interchanging states of existing and non-existing, emptiness and substance, industrial and mystical, without resistance or submission to any singular logic or assumption, to respond to the world with an evolving vibration that spreads across the seas.

「lololol」是循環的笑聲,由機器語言0與1結構組成。時而喜出望外、暗自竊喜、或喜怒不形於色。lololol 漫步於虛實之間的地平線上,不受限於制定的文化邏輯或角色扮演,時而發出的滄海一聲笑。

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