Amplified trumpet, Propellors,
Metal and Air.


Sound of the Mountain 山的聲音

At the core of our work is the question:

How do we make work that is not about us?
or How can we serve something that is larger than ourselves?

We are vectors, aggregates; our work is sound, created by action. By continuing to make, we cultivate the work.  We are included in the work, but we are not the work. The work is something we engage with, but it doesn’t need us to change it or direct it.  We are improvisors, and by continuing to create, the work alters.

In a way, the work has its own life, but is also an aggregate, a vector. It is all part of something much larger that we cannot hold. Sometimes we catch sight of this thing, enough to put our trust in it.




它屬於一個大於我們的東西。 有時我們見證這個東西,這樣的見證足以讓我們信任它。


Sound of the Mountain

Sound of the Mountain is a duo featuring the hollowed-out sounds of Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen on amplified clarinet, trumpet and self-made instruments. Using a sound language which merges acoustic and electronic textures through amplification and extended performance techniques they evoke a vast range of textures, from silence and spaciousness, to rumbling bass and room saturation. The whistles and creaking of metal and reed anticipate the more dense moments of distortion and feedback in pieces that can be appreciated as discreet moments, or longer forms.
☯ 關於


「山的聲音」以電聲豎笛及電聲小號被挖空的音色蔚為特色的二重奏,由Elizabeth Millar和Craig Pedersen組成。山的聲音擁有紮實的即興演奏經驗及延伸表演技術,透過型塑具有生命力的氣息,提供聽眾長時間的深度聆聽體驗。