Office Eco-Therapy

“I do believe in the spiritual healing properties of grand, old trees and mountain resorts, not for curing a fractured shoulder-bone or an infected skin, but for curing the ambitions of the flesh and diseases of the soul—kleptomania, megalomania, egocentricity, spiritual halitosis, bonditis, couponitis, managitis, war neurosis, verse phobia, spiteful ness, hatred, social exhibitionism, general middle-headedness and all forms of moral distemper.” -Lin Yutang

Office Eco-Therapy is a series of meditations on nature to reorient oneself in a work cubicle. While our work lives have become increasingly indoors and online, new ways of maintaining inner equilibrium and keeping agility are important to sustain for our well-being as we continually adapt to new technological lifestyles.

The first chapter ’Power Play’ is meditation about shape-shifting between oneself and an office plant. Although the plant is nothing like a grand, old tree as described by Lin Yutang a century ago, it is still nevertheless a miniature of the ‘outside’ that allows oneself to process a blend of escapism, introspection and utopianism. The plant is a micro-opportunity to shape-shift into another dimension of performance.