Future Tao: Inner Scripture 2018 was a website of experimental self-cultivation methods collectively written by 30 creators. The project was exhibited at Bangkok Bienniale the same year.

︎3C Xing Yi Quan 3C形意拳◎Xia Lin
︎Virtual Feng Shui Statues ◎Fong Han-Yu
︎Stream and Download HB/AV Audio Tracks ◎HEAVY BREATHING
︎Sun’s Shadow ◎Son Ni
︎Composing the Ordinary  ◎Petra Johnson
︎Elastic Dialogues ◎Xin Cheng & Heidi Salaverria
︎Upon Unvolutionarily Disappearing
      ◎Grashina Gabelmann
︎#AstralSelfie ◎IDPW
︎Poetic Commentary ◎Zian Chen

👂Inner Ear
︎Cosmopolitics in Sound ◎Sheryl Cheung
︎Internal Motivations ◎A Workshop by Sheryl Cheung, participants Anja Borowicz and Harriet Pittard
︎Electric Phantom ◎Itaru Ouwan
︎Meridian of Fortune ◎TEIHAKU
︎Terms* ◎Chun Yin Rainbow Chan
      & Craig Stubbs-Race
︎Gentle Steps Tainan ◎Nigel Brown
︎Amplified trumpet, Propellers, Metal and Air  ◎Sound of the Mountain
︎Year  ◎Jin Sangtae
︎聲音裡的宇宙政治 ◎張欣
︎內部運動 ◎由張欣帶領的工作坊, 參與者Anja
      Borowicz和Harriet Pittard
︎電魂 ◎追灣及
︎財經二周天 ◎鐵一
︎條款* ◎陳雋然 與 Craig Stubbs-Race
︎躡步台南 ◎Nigel Brown
︎電聲小號、螺旋槳,金屬和空氣 ◎山的聲音
︎年 ◎秦相太

The Health Treasury - Four Paths to Virtual Cultivation
養生寶庫 - 虛擬修行四法

Fong Han-Yu

The four levels of self-cultivation are interrelated and structured by layers. From real to virtual, past to now, material to spiritual, exterior to interior; with a peaceful mind, see, hear, and sense with your heart and mind. With true comprehension, boundaries blur and you are awakened to the common image between all things.


Species Imitation
第一層 : 物種模擬

Dog Rides Her Horse / 狗騎著她的馬

Robotic Spy Puppy Meets Wild Dogs / 機器人間諜小狗遇見野狗

Dog Tries VR / 狗試圖VR

Rinn - Revolution (Diplo) Sergal Fursuit Dance /  林恩 - 革命(Diplo)Sergal Fursuit Dance

Unicorn In The Snow / 獨角獸在雪地裡

The Goodness of The Primitive, The Technological, and Progress
第二層 :  原始、科技與進化之美

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa (Videoclip) / 利奧·羅哈斯 - 禿鷹通行證

Photo0Than / 照片0比

Predator Cosplay Costume / 捕食者角色扮演服裝

Beautiful Water Painting / 美麗的水畫

Cultivation of the Ear and RGB Lighting
第三層 :  耳的修行與RGB燈光

(ASMR) Mechanical Keyboard (click! clack!) /  
(ASMR) 機械鍵盤(點擊!clack!)

(ASMR) Typing on A Mechanical Keyboard /w No Talking /
(ASMR)在機械鍵盤上打字/ w不說話

(ASMR) Role Play - Caring and Supportive Funky Kong Gives You A Ride Home From The Airport
(ASMR) 角色扮演 - 關懷和支持Funky Kong讓您從機場回家

Deep Learning
第四層 : 深度學習

MD Fast Simulation / MD快速模擬

DeepMind Learns Parkour / 深度心靈學習跑酷

Tai chi at Inspire Space Park in Second Life / 太極在第二人生的啟發空間公園

Tai Chi in Second Life / 在第二人生中打太極

Tai Chi in Second Life / 在第二人生中打太極

Tai Chi in Second Life / 在第二人生中打太極

☯ Fong Han-yuFong Han-yu immerses himself in the flow and clustering of images in mass media culture. Often working within social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, and tumblr, Fong's creative approach is often based on collecting images and creating fictional narratives. Each project is defined by a specific concern and set of rules that guide his process of assemblage. Through virtual projects such as Plantktonics, Happy Virtual Friend, Virtual Check-in, Peace and Happiness, Software 2050, Human observations, Fong attempts to draw out new ways of seeing.
☯ 鳳漢玉鳳漢玉關注大眾網路文化中影音的流動與群聚,並親身滲透其中進行探索。常以社群網路平台(facebook、instagram、tumblr...)為媒材進行創作,計畫主題多以「蒐集」與「虛構」為方法,在特定議題與規則下蒐集組合大量圖像,使觀者得以不同角度經驗圖像,作品包含「蜉蝣爛渣」、「快樂虛擬朋友」、「虛擬打卡」、「平安喜樂」、「寂しい software 2050」、「人類察看」...等。