is an ongoing interpretive manuscript of Taoist-informed experimental practices for mind and body cultivation in contemporary times. Initiated by lololol, the manuscript is collectively written and organically evolving, and includes a decentralized program of exercises and techniques shared as a community for inspirations of healthy living.  是一個關注道思想的身心秘笈,2018年發起,持續發展。此秘笈由集體寫作而成,共同對當代身體技術和修行進行探討和想像。本項目試圖建立一個去中心化的修行分享模式,定期推出實驗性運動和修行技巧,尋找合適當代養生的生活方法。

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Art Residency Workshop &  Performance
May 2019, Tentacles Gallery, Bangkok, Thiland

Animistic Apparatus Workshop & Audiovisual Performance
April 2019, Baan Chiang, Udon Thani, Thiland

Future Tao: Training Space
Project Seek, Taipei 台北覓計劃|洪建全教育文化基金會

Future Tao: Workout Guide
Taipei Contemporary Art Center 台北當代藝術中心

Future Tao: Online Inner Scripture
Bangkok Biennial 曼谷雙年展 lololol.net線上館

Future Tao: Online Inner Scripture Chapters
壹 ONE 
 Itaru Ouwan

Electric Phantom
 Taichi Wudang

Form / No Form
 XiaoAoJiangHu.time


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