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HB/AV is a series of artist-led movement seminars designed for audio/video download. The concept of HB/AV is the same as HB's workshop series: bringing together somatic exercises with critical discourse that might take the form of a lecture, a dialogue, a guided meditation, and/or other modes of experimental and performative texts - basically “Heavy Breathing on the Go”.


Chani Bockwinkel

SAPPHO and SWEAT 薩福與汗水

(2018, 23:06)

A luxurious and sweaty strange dance class to perform alone in your room. A thunderfuck of somatics, athletics and the burning words of Sappho's poetry.

"...that loosener of limbs, bittersweet creature against which nothing can be done.” — Sappho



Anne Carson, If Not Winter, Fragments of Sappho
Tom Meyers, Anatomy Trains
Irene Dowd, Taking Root to Fly
Mary R. Lefkowitz,
Women in Greek Myth

Christina Linden

Monsters Herding Cats, and Ducks In A Row


(2018, 10:00)

Audio guide for a session of stretching, rolling, crawling, and light contact improv for adults and their baby or toddler friends. Readings of selected excerpts from children's books and Moyra Davey's Mother Reader. Bring your own music.

適合成人、嬰兒、和幼兒朋友們的語音導覽,內容包括拉伸、滾動、爬行、輕量的接觸即興活動、以及摘自莫伊拉 · 戴維的母親讀本、兒童書籍的文本閱讀。請配上你自己選擇的音樂。

Claudia La Rocco

If we are to have magical bodies
we must have magical minds 

(2018, 18:40)

This is a somewhat condensed version of my contribution to the Heavy Breathing series, which I performed at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in 2017. It is a splice of my two practices, shuttling between very different or maybe very similar modes: my writing, and my teacher’s notes.
Some of the writing is new and some of it is previously published; some of the notes are edited, and some are not.


Kate Rhoades + Eli Thorne

Dirty Work 熱活

(2018, 22:11)

We lead couples in a strength training workout based on a chapter from Ann McClintock's book, Imperial Leather which investigates gender, violence, class, and BDSM in Victorian England. Participants will take turns being submissive or dominant and get dirty while building muscle.

Special thanks to Stephanie Ellis.

我們帶領情侶進行體能訓練,內容起源於安 · 麥克克林托克的著作「帝國皮革」裡其中一章,調查維多利亞時代英格蘭有關性別、暴力、階級和BDSM的歷史。 參與者將輪流擔任順從或主導的角色,在熱情的運動中增長肌力。

特別鳴謝  史提芬妮 · 艾利斯。

Tom Comitta

Born to Run 生來就是要奔跑的

(2018, 45:34)

Thank you to Sophia Wang and Lisa Rybovich Crallé for creating a space and context for this piece. For more information on literary supercuts — mine and others — check out this conversation between me and Jez Burrows published by The Believer in May 2018:

Born to Run is an audio chapbook that collages descriptions of running and jogging from over 60 novels. There's everything in here from Stephen King's The Running Man to Cynthia Voigt's The Runner, with a sprinkling of Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie and Samuel R. Delany. To experience this piece, a listener would get on a treadmill, elliptical or any artificial exercise device, put on headphones and press play.

感謝Sophia Wang 和 LisaRybovichCrallé為這件作品創造的場域和語境。
有關此項目的更多文學精選 - 自我和其他作者 - 請查閱2018年5月由The Believer出版訪談:

「生來就是要奔跑的」是一段語音章節,拼貼60多部小說中跑步和慢跑的描述。 涵蓋的著作有斯蒂芬 · 金的過關斬將和辛西亞 · 佛特的跑者,其中包括查爾斯 · 狄更斯、阿加莎 · 克里斯蒂和塞繆爾 R.德拉尼。以體驗這件作品,請站上跑步機,滑步機或任何人工運動裝置,隨著肢體的運動,戴上耳機並按播放。

Christian Nagler



(2018, 22:28)

In this session we will delve deeply into some embodied non-solutions to the problem of global risk management. What are global risk management practices and how do they relate to our nervous systems? Listen, follow along and engage in an athletic and de-armoring session of Reichian somatics, full-corpus spasms, and galactic tingles. Wear comfortable clothes. Prepare to move, breathe intensely, yell, and freak out a little.

Performer Bios
Amelia Charter is an artist, performer and teacher living in Los Angeles.
Kevin Nagler is an artist currently located in Abiquiu, New Mexico
Susannah Schoff is a teacher who lives in Alameda, CA

1. Ulrich Beck, Living in the World Risk Society, 2006
2. Michel Foucault, Security Territory, Population, Lectures at the College de France, 1979 (especially lecture no. 2)
3. Benjamin Lee and Edward Lipuma, Circulatory Risks and the Speculative Habitus
4. Dusan Makavejev, WR: Mysteries of the Organism, 1971
5. Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, 1933 and Character Analysis, 1933
6. Claire Souch, Pushing the Boundaries of Catastrophe Modeling, 2014
7. Peter A. Levine Nature's Lessons in Healing Trauma


克里斯汀 · 納格爾近年來持續對矽谷的表演文化進行人類學研究,創作錄像作品Shoulder Babies,並籌辦一個命名為phoebe的組織。寫作曾發表於 TDR、Performance Research、Art Practical,2016年出版書籍「人力資本:生命」。

☯ Heavy Breathing
Heavy Breathing is a series of experimental movement seminars designed by artists combining physical activity with group discussion on ideas related to their creative practice. Critical thinking often feels heady, abstract, and divorced from the body. How do conversations change when we are moving our bodies and out of breath? What new modes of thinking become possible?
來自美國西岸的重呼吸(Heavy Breathing)是一系列藝術家策劃的實驗性運動研討會,結合肢體活動與話語交流。批判性思維經常讓人感到頭重腳輕、過於抽象、並與身體分離。當身體在移動中,上氣不接下氣地喘息時,對話又如何改變?什麼樣的新思維模式變得可能?