Son Ni

Sun’s Shadow

This series of drawings on paper depict clear contoured images that express an intimacy between one and one’s domestic world. Through original perspective and style, the work is a limitless creation made under limited conditions. Drawings is some kind of ritual or habit that begins by defining all the frames; in these spaces, I place bodies, objects and emotionally existing utopias and discover a gap in time-space where the closedness of reality opens into a boundlessness--where I explore the relationship between reality and illusion.

Searching for intangible materials in a fixed, defined world, Sun’s Shadow opens up a wide vision where the self is continually thrown out; viewers are encouraged to free themselves from the usual limitations and explore a greater imagination; to excavate an implied existence beyond the physical.


此系列主要通過紙張素描,以線條明確的畫面,呈現自身與所居住世界的親密感,並具以獨特的視角和表現風格,在被限制的前提下做無限制的創作。如同其大多的創作出於某種儀式或是習慣,總先將所有的外框先畫出,透過繪畫的過程,表達人體、物件、情感存在的烏托邦,在被限制的空間中,卻得以尋獲時空的間隙,展現封閉空間的無限,進而探討現實與虛幻的關係,意欲從已既定的世界觀中進一步探察看不見的物質,< 太陽影子> 進而敞開更大的視野,將自我不斷的拋出,使觀者屏除固有的限制,開拓更多的想像,考掘實體之外那隱誨的存在。


Son Ni

I can make things disappear and I can make things reappear. By things I mean anything, even people, but I have a soft heart and it makes things difficult. I memorize these things before I vanish them, in case I may regret someday. If I don't remember them, no one else will.

Son Ni, Born 1984 in Taipei, Son Ni is mainly engages in drawing, painting, and art publishing. She founded independent publishing house nos:books in 2008 and mini mobile art space The Calabash Gallery in 2014.
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Son Ni


Son Ni,1984年生於台北,主要從事素描繪畫創作、及藝術出版工作。2008年起,成立獨立印刷出版社「nos:books」2014年起,開始「葫蘆藝廊」計畫,葫蘆藝廊是一個行動微型藝廊。