This project utilizes a camera from the International Space Station to take "selfies." Glancing at this picture, which was captured from a “selfie” taken from a distance of 400 kilometers, or 570,000 times longer than the average selfie stick, it might just look like the Earth we're all familiar with. But, you exist somewhere in the picture. We are the world ー we are one family, you and I, living on this Earth. And the Earth we live on is a one-of-a-kind, invaluable presence in the universe. If you want change, now is the time. And the person who makes the decision is you. Use your smartphone to experience a selfie that's both smaller and larger than ever before. Tag the pictures you shoot with #AstralSelfie and share with everyone. Through this experience, let yourself become a part of we the earth. It is there that you will find your true self.



從400公里的距離拍攝自拍照(比一般自拍棒的長度多57萬倍),影像看起來就像我們熟悉的地球模樣,但是你確實存在於照片中。我們的星球是獨一無二的,在宇宙中一個無價的存在,你和我生活在這個星球上,四海皆一家。如果你想要改變自我,現在就是時候,由你來做選擇。打開你的手機去嘗試一種新的自拍方式,這個新的自我影像前所未有的遼闊,也前所未有的渺小。將你的「星際自拍」傳上網,標籤註明 #AstralSelfie。藉由這次體驗,讓自己化為地球的一部分,成為真正的自我。



IDPW (I.D. Password, affectionately known as "I pass") is a loose collective of 10-some members operating under the slogan "a secret society on the internet that goes back more than 100 years", who descend on various internet scenes from time to time. They are known for having produced the "Internet Black Market", "Whatever Button", "Text Party" and other projects in monthly get-togethers. Among these, their "Whatever Button" won the "New Face" award at the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2012.
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IDPW是一個傳說中有百年歷史的十人網路團體,不定期出現於網路場合中。其作品“Whatever Button”曾獲得日本文化廳媒體藝術季新人獎; 2015年與lololol合作,將代表性的實驗性市集“網路黑市(Internet Yami-ichi)”於國立台灣美術館舉行。這次在FUTURE TAO修行秘笈中,IDPW推出有關自拍現象的新項目#AstralSelfie