Gentle Steps Tainan

Nigel Brown

We tend to privilege sight as the primary sense for understanding the world around us. The practice of sound walks, pioneered decades ago by people such as Max Neuhaus and R. Murray Schafer, gives an opportunity to reorient our experience of place.

Sound comes to us through time and its impermanence requires an active engagement with memory, physicality and imagination in order to derive personal meaning. The walks documented in these recordings took place in the neighbourhoods of Tainan City, Taiwan. They were part of my ongoing orientation in a new home. On each walk I carried with me a single tone emanating from my body and reflecting off the surfaces that defined the spaces I passed through. Hear them as a substitute for your body as your mind takes the walk transmitted by your headphones.
我們傾向將視覺作為主要的感知渠道去認識我們的身處的世界。聲音漫步是在十年前由多位聲音工作者,包括馬克思 · 纽豪斯(Max Neuhaus)和 R. 莫瑞 ‧ 薛佛(R. Murray Schafer)所開拓的工作方法,有助於重新組織聽者的在地經驗。



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Nigel Brown

Nigel Brown is a sound artist who enjoys delving into the unknown and working within a situation of instability and negotiation. This approach applies across the various contexts that he creates work - improvised performance, composition, documentation, design.

In 2016 he relocated from Melbourne, Australia, to Tainan, Taiwan to establish Ting Shuo Hear Say with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, a studio and performance space for the promotion of listening practice and experimental music. Engaging with the soundscape of Taiwan through sound walks and recording projects he has been developing a closer relationship to this new home.

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