Future Tao: Inner Scripture 2018 was a website of experimental self-cultivation methods collectively written by 30 creators. The project was exhibited at Bangkok Bienniale the same year.

︎3C Xing Yi Quan 3C形意拳◎Xia Lin
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      ◎Grashina Gabelmann
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👂Inner Ear
︎Cosmopolitics in Sound ◎Sheryl Cheung
︎Internal Motivations ◎A Workshop by Sheryl Cheung, participants Anja Borowicz and Harriet Pittard
︎Electric Phantom ◎Itaru Ouwan
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︎Terms* ◎Chun Yin Rainbow Chan
      & Craig Stubbs-Race
︎Gentle Steps Tainan ◎Nigel Brown
︎Amplified trumpet, Propellers, Metal and Air  ◎Sound of the Mountain
︎Year  ◎Jin Sangtae
︎聲音裡的宇宙政治 ◎張欣
︎內部運動 ◎由張欣帶領的工作坊, 參與者Anja
      Borowicz和Harriet Pittard
︎電魂 ◎追灣及
︎財經二周天 ◎鐵一
︎條款* ◎陳雋然 與 Craig Stubbs-Race
︎躡步台南 ◎Nigel Brown
︎電聲小號、螺旋槳,金屬和空氣 ◎山的聲音
︎年 ◎秦相太

Archive 2018_Inner Ear

Year 年

Jin Sangtae

1. record 1 minute with your recorder. (in my case, usually, I record with my mobile)

2. upload that file recording to SoundCloud (that will upload on iTunes podcast at the same time)

3. do it again everyday.

It is difficult to find special moments in everyday life. Some days feel ordinary and no different from yesterday; while other days may feel more special. Over time, I have been doing a 1-minute recording every day; I have done this over and over again since October 2015. With this work, I might be changing my aspect of sound and way of listening, or I might be wasting my time. Anyway, I believe that I can make my own 'elements' about listening and some variations in sense. it seems like I am layering drawings overlapped onto a bunch of useless XY graphs. I'm walking where I call 'orbit.'

*This is a playlist of recordings from Jin Sangtae’s project ‘Year’ updated daily during the 2018 Bangkok Biennial (July 1 to September 31).

1. 錄製一分鐘的聲音(我通常採用手機錄音)

2. 上傳音檔至SoundCloud(同時上傳至iTunes podcast)

3. 每天重複以上兩步驟


* 以上播放清單選錄秦相太的「年」,2018年曼谷雙年展期間的錄音(2018/7/1-2018/9/30),將每日同步更新。

☯ Jin Sangtae
Born in 1975, Seoul Korea, Jin Sangtae performs music with non-musical objects collected through his experience. The objects are projected into instruments, and then re-organising them to specific spaces. He has been playing with hard drives and several materials that can be connected as main instruments, and he also plays laptops, radios, car horns and electronics. Jin has been posting his composition ‘Year‘ with mobile phone everyday since 2015 on the web. As an organiser, he has founded a performance space for improvised music in Seoul called ‘dotolim,‘ which has been organising ‘dotolim concert series’ since 2008, as well as a festival under the name ‘dotolimpic‘ in 2012, 2013 and 2017.