Fong Han-Yu

Virtual Feng Shui Statues

Fong Han-yu is a Health Aesthetician who has committed himself to the study and methodology of Virtual Health Preservation. Dr. Feng founded this school of thought in 1991, he has published numerous books and has invented a line of health cultivation sculptures beneficial for the mind and body. These sculptures combine traditional chinese theory and human-oriented technological innovations. Engage through the means of look, touch, appreciation and play, and improve the flow of qi through the tendons and muscles. These sculptures, placed in a suitable position at home can guide a prosperous flow of fengshui energy. Health cultivation sculptures are not confined in the virtual or the real; the virtual and the real are mutually generative, they can also be deposited on the internet. The sculptures are a blessing to modern day people who live a busy lifestyle.

*The content in this production are of artistic creation. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased) is intended or should be inferred.

鳳漢玉老先生,養生美學博士,於1991年始,醉心於研究「虛擬養生學」的本體與方法理論,為此學派的開創者與實踐者。鳳博士除著作豐沛,亦專注研發有助於身心靈之「養生雕塑」,積極將傳統理論融合人類高科技產物,強調觀、觸、賞、玩四相共構,觸之引暢筋脈氣血 ; 擺置於適切之處亦可導引吉祥風水之氣。養生雕塑不侷限於虛實,虛實相生相轉,可存於網路,對於忙碌之現代人乃一大福音。



Fong Han-yu

Fong Han-yu immerses himself in the flow and clustering of images in mass media culture. Often working within social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, and tumblr, Fong's creative approach is often based on collecting images and creating fictional narratives. Each project is defined by a specific concern and set of rules that guide his process of assemblage. Through virtual projects such as Plantktonics, Happy Virtual Friend, Virtual Check-in, Peace and Happiness, Software 2050, Human observations, Fong attempts to draw out new ways of seeing.
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鳳漢玉關注大眾網路文化中影音的流動與群聚,並親身滲透其中進行探索。常以社群網路平台(facebook, instagram, tumblr...)為媒材進行創作,計畫主題多以「蒐集」與「虛構」為方法,在特定議題與規則下蒐集組合大量圖像,使觀者得以不同角度經驗圖像,作品包含「蜉蝣爛渣」、「快樂虛擬朋友」、「虛擬打卡」、「平安喜樂」、「寂しい software 2050」、「人類察看」...等。

寂しい software 2050 : 

人類察看 : 