Xia Lin

3C Xing Yi Quan

Xia Lin's art project ’3C Xing Yi Quan' is a new style of martial arts (open source, work in progress) that imitates the body language and characteristics of 3C products.

How has your body changed with long-term use of 3C products?

  1. The neck stretches forward to watch the screen, and a new lump of flesh is developed on the back of neck.
  2. The back of wrist becomes smooth after prolonged time using keyboard and mouse.
  3. The spine is shaped into a humpback, or strained off center by sitting crossed legs or sideways
  4. The butt is flattened, and a growing belly forms after sitting at a chair for a long time.
  5. Restless legs and habitual shaking movements formed by an agitated body not wanting to stay in same place.
  6. Eyes glued to the screen, trained to browse information very quickly.
  7. Scope of vision becomes narrow and close
  8. Feeling comfortable with screen light and LED in the dark.
  9. Feeling uncomfortable without WiFi, have to check updates all the time. 
  10. The ears can distinguish different cell phone alerts and sound effects. (and etc…)

Let’s Practice 3CXYQ togethe, Change your digital life style.



  1. 容易伸長脖子看螢幕,頸部後面凸起的肉
  2. 手掌下方因經常使用鍵盤和滑鼠而變光滑的皮膚
  3. 駝背、翹腳、側坐的脊椎
  4. 因長時間的坐姿,越來越凸的小腹,越來越扁平的屁股
  5. 不甘願一直坐在椅子上不停晃動的腿
  6. 能盯著螢幕看都不眨眼,並快速瀏覽資訊的眼球
  7. 習慣近距離的視線範圍
  8. 習慣在黑暗中有螢幕與LED的光線
  9. 需要時常檢查更新,沒有wifi網路會焦慮不安的內心
  10. 能分辨出各種不同訊息音效的耳朵(等等應該還有很多...)


Xia Lin

Xia Lin employs multimedia, video, text and performance for an artistic practice that concerns Taichi philosophy, martial arts, and cognitive processes of humans and machines. Xia’s ongoing project 3C Xing Yi Quan is a new form of internal martial arts that seeks to grasp the essence of mobile computer gadgets and accessories. The practice helps mind and body equilibrium in the digital age.
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