Internal Motivations

A Workshop by 

Sheryl Cheung 張欣

Internal Motivations is a workshop led by artist Sheryl Cheung that explores new imaginations of internal martial arts through the perspective of sound. Through activities such as listening, improvisation, and composing, participants explore different relationships between sound and energy. Internal martial arts is a seemingly passive but internally vigorous form of martial arts that stresses on breathing, energy circulation, external and internal movements, and expanded consciousness. Working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds, the workshop hopes to open Taoist-informed ideas to more universal imaginations and applications.

The first iteration of Internal Motivations was staged at Somerset Studio, London and co-organized by Music Hackspace, Happened and Lacking Sound Festival. In this session, 14 artists, musicians, engineers, and cultural thinkers each brought their own creative directions to the table and interpreted the given resources with a personal focus. Workshop participants Anja Borowicz and Harriet Pittard have contributed their work to the presentation below.

The second iteration of the workshop is scheduled for Sept 23, 2018 at Taipei Contemporary Art Center. This session will focus on collective listening and improvisation and participants will explore sound  between people and domestic electronics and computer accessories. More information will be updated on this page after the event. 


2018年7月「內部運動」第一回舉辦於倫敦桑默塞特府工作室,由音樂駭客空間、Happened、失聲祭共同策劃。過程中14位藝術家、音樂家、工程師和文化思想家分享他們各自的創作方向,以個人為觀點瞭解內部運動的價值。參與者Anja Borowicz和Harriet Pittard於「FUTURE TAO:超個體線上秘笈」呈現他們的工作坊成果。



Anja Borowicz
安雅 · 波洛維契

“The inspiration for this piece stems from my investigations of how our working gestures are performed and can be extended to different situations, actions and meanings. 

The source materials have been selected from the BBC Sound Effects and The Internet Archive. The piece combines the sounds of the body massage with the acts of dough kneading and clay throwing. This version was recorded as a live laptop performance using a mixer board in Audacity.

Flowing rhythms interweave with awkward changes when the labouring bodies adjust or pause their recorded action, or when my hand hesitates while searching for controls. Yet tuning my body into the sounds became less self-conscious when working live with the clips. Lighter and more playful.” 



當我的手在鍵盤上猶豫不決之時;當錄音中的勞動體進行自我調整,或停頓於一個動作時,流動的節奏中出現交織於其中的尷尬變化。 然而當我調整自身的頻率,與錄音達到一種協調時,這些聲音材料再也不讓我感到太過緊張,整件事變得更輕盈,更有趣。』



Harriet Pittard
哈麗特 · 皮特

Harriet Pittard is a London-based vocalist, musician and sound artist. She has made sound works in collaboration with contemporary artist Beatriz Olabarietta for exhibitions at London’s MOT Gallery, The Serpentine and The Sunday Painter, as well as making sound work to accompany the photography of artist Kadie Salmon.

For her first solo sound project Pittard will use found sound, field recordings and composition to explore endometriosis – a chronic female reproductive condition. Initial inspiration for the project came after attending a workshop at London’s Music Hackspace entitled ‘Internal-Motivations’. Led by sound and performance artist Sheryl Cheung, the workshop explored new imaginations of internal martial arts through the perspective of sound.

Through her long-term project ‘endorchestra’ (inner-orchestra) Pittard aims to explore the various medical stages, emotional experiences and opportunities for healing that living with the condition can present. Women’s symptoms are often ignored or silenced resulting in an average diagnoses time of 7.5 years in the UK. Through this project the artist hopes to amplify hers and other women’s experiences of the disease and create a greater depth of understanding of the condition through sound.

‘endosketch’ is an initial short exploration into sounds associated with the condition. The sketch traverses internal movements, medical noise and womb healing sonics.

哈麗特 · 皮特是一位倫敦歌手、音樂家和聲音藝術家。她與藝術家Beatriz Olabarietta合作的作品曾展出於倫敦的MOT畫廊、蛇形畫廊 (The Serpentine) 和星期日畫家畫廊(The Sunday Painter),並為藝術家Kadie Salmon的攝影創作聲音。

'endosketch'是皮特第一個獨立作曲嘗試,一個初步、簡短的聲音草圖,過程中採用已有的和自製的錄音材料去探索一種慢性女性生殖病症--子宮內膜異位症 。此作品穿梭於內部運動、醫療噪音、和子宮治療的音頻之間。


該項目靈感來自倫敦音樂黑客空間(Music Hackspace)的Internal Motivations (內部運動)工作坊。在聲音和表演藝術家張欣(Sheryl Cheung)的帶領下,工作坊從聲音的角度重新想像內家武術文化。