An assemblage of my flow of consciousness


An assemblage of my flow of consciousness. 
Desire Omniscience Youth Aging Confucian Confusion Fantasy Anti-utopia, Incite, Meditate.
Self-cultivation is a struggle with thirty-six years of impermanence.
I regroup my thoughts again.

慾望 全知 青春 老死 獨立時代 幻想 反烏托邦 躁動 靜心

☯ Heng
Heng, ad marketer / guitar player, part-time band member in Doodle and Be Bop Kids. Loves exploring the mystery of sound, perplexed by the Universe. Thunder rises, wind begins, the energy of the universe flows. The way of heavens continually change, all the laws of the universe will not stay the same.

廣告企劃斜槓BASS手,兼職於 Doodle 與 Be Bop Kids 樂隊。喜探詢聲音的奧秘,對於宇宙感到迷惘。雷起風必動,在宇宙能量變化中隨波逐流,之所謂「天道恆動,諸法無常」