About ‘當代修行’, it let me think about monastic training in a modern city to release your mind. At first I think about the pleasure feeling from my ear, eyes and body moving (index 1~4). Then I link to ‘beauty’, some geometric form in our daily (index 5~6). Then I want more ‘beauty’, but where?  Nature (index 7~9). Close to nature is a good way to release your mind even you just watch on the video. But finally a question appear: What we want from ‘修行’? The lyric from this song (index 10) “不去制約,被制約﹔沒有習慣 我喜歡獨白勝過眾人的綵排” This state of mind is what I want: Nothing confine you, and you didn’t confine others. With deep silence in your mind, can easily talk to ( or find) yourself.
「當代修行」讓我想到關於在城市裡舒壓的修行培訓。首先是耳朵的舒壓,眼睛和身體的運動(1-4號視頻),接著是有關美的精選,一些日常生活中的幾何形(5-6號視頻)。之後我繼續想要追尋更多美,但來自哪裏?體現於自然中(7-9號視頻)。接近自然是一個很好舒壓的方式,就算只是透過觀賞影片。最後我們仍要回答一個問題:透過修行想要得到什麼?10號視頻裡歌詞中有這麼一段:「不去制約,被制約﹔沒有習慣 我喜歡獨白勝過眾人的綵排」 這是我期望的狀態,沒有互相制約的狀態。在最深的寧靜中可以找到自己、並和自己對話。


Scotty Chang

Android developer and founder of UYAS
a startup company for smart speaker designs (Facebook: UYAS.tw)
Loves dancing and all things that are beautiful and good.

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