The above 10 youtube videos are not in any particular order.
上為10則從youtube轉載的影片 。
These films are like vertically sheets sliced into my hard drive.




What I have drawn here are cross sections

Vertical and horizontal cross sections
and many ways of 4D slicing.


Son Ni

I can make things disappear and I can make things reappear. By things I mean anything, even people, but I have a soft heart and it makes things difficult. I memorize these things before I vanish them, in case I may regret someday. If I don't remember them, no one else will.

Son Ni, Born 1984 in Taipei, Son Ni is mainly engages in drawing, painting, and art publishing. She founded independent publishing house nos:books in 2008 and mini mobile art space The Calabash Gallery in 2014.

☯ 關於

Son Ni


Son Ni,1984年生於台北,主要從事素描繪畫創作、及藝術出版工作。2008年起,成立獨立印刷出版社「nos:books」2014年起,開始「葫蘆藝廊」計畫,葫蘆藝廊是一個行動微型藝廊。