Playlist 2018

Teng Yung Han

A winding journey of emptiness, I encounter myself from age 7 to 23. She is somewhat tired, her eye bags are getting dark, I look at her and tell her that she is still young. This is not only a difficult road, it is also a slow and long one. I guide her towards a direction that begins from her original self, in face of her deepest fears, she, becomes aroused. Who am I? I am, Playlist 2018.


☯ Teng Yung Han
Spiritual girl (age 23) who lives in the golden age of the 1990’s. A believer of the STAR, adventurer of real/two dimensional singularities, inventor of artist dolls Dr. Tung Yishu, underground idol I.N.Y.L, advocator of HAPPY FOOL.

☯ 鄧詠涵(涵洞)
活在黃金九零時期走不出來的精神女童(23歲)、星星(STAR)至上主義者、真實/二次元奇異點探險家、藝術玩偶發明人董弈樹博士、地下偶像I.N.Y.L、快樂阿斗(HAPPY FOOL)提倡者。