With the sporadic sounding of mechanical pulsations,
you travel through the veins of plants to enter a technocratic city and its memory of the future.
Here black water gushes between rock boulders,
while a gust of wind stirs up sand and turns the skyscrapers in front of you into blocks of heated gold.

Multiple commands / archives / information as bodies / decode / generate / natural phenomena
Artificial world / reproduction / resource allocation / functional reorganization / training paths / aggregation

—— ‘Mt. Jade is in Metamorphoses’, Introduction


一次提取多個指令 / 檔案 / 資訊身體 / 解碼 / 生成 / 自然現象 /
人造世界 / 生機繁殖 / 調配資源 / 功能重組 / 訓練路徑 / 聚合體