Future Tao: Inner Scripture 2018 was a website of experimental self-cultivation methods collectively written by 30 creators. The project was exhibited at Bangkok Bienniale the same year.

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      ◎Grashina Gabelmann
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👂Inner Ear
︎Cosmopolitics in Sound ◎Sheryl Cheung
︎Internal Motivations ◎A Workshop by Sheryl Cheung, participants Anja Borowicz and Harriet Pittard
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      & Craig Stubbs-Race
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︎Amplified trumpet, Propellers, Metal and Air  ◎Sound of the Mountain
︎Year  ◎Jin Sangtae
︎聲音裡的宇宙政治 ◎張欣
︎內部運動 ◎由張欣帶領的工作坊, 參與者Anja
      Borowicz和Harriet Pittard
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︎財經二周天 ◎鐵一
︎條款* ◎陳雋然 與 Craig Stubbs-Race
︎躡步台南 ◎Nigel Brown
︎電聲小號、螺旋槳,金屬和空氣 ◎山的聲音
︎年 ◎秦相太

Journey on the Surface

Yang Yu Chiao

Level Zero

Sergei Paradjanov, The Legend of Suram Fortress
The scene of the dance “How sweet is the water from the hands of a beloved”
謝爾蓋 · 帕拉傑諾夫,「蘇拉姆城堡的傳說」
跳舞的一幕 「從心愛的人手中得來的水是多麼甜蜜」

Level One

Hans Richter, Dreams that Money can Buy
a Duchamp's fragment with music by John Cage

漢斯 · 李希特,「能用錢買到的夢」
由杜象主導的片段,音樂由約翰 · 凱吉擔綱

Level Two

Alexander Alexeieff, Le Nez (the Nose)
亞歷山大 · 阿雷克塞耶夫,「鼻」

Level Three

Jan Lenica, Labyrinth
尚 · 連尼卡,「迷宮」

Level Four

lam Lam larm
Music by calmwhiner and Folmer Sthurmovik, Video by Tanglokto
樂: calmwhiner、Folmer Sthurmovik,影像:鄧樂滔

Level Five

Daniel Szczechura - Podróż (1970)

Level Six

Chris Marker, Troi Video Haikus

Level Seven

Lotte Reiniger, die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed

Level Eight

Yuri Norstein, Tale of tales
尤裏 · 諾爾斯汀,「故事中的故事」

Level Nine

Walerian Borowczyk, Les Jeux des Anges
瓦莱利安 · 博羅夫奇克,「天使的遊戲」

Level Ten

László Moholy-Nagy, Ein Lichtspiel Schwarz Weiss Grau
拉兹洛 · 莫霍利 · 纳吉,「光影遊戲:黑、白、灰」

Wooden Roller

Yamamura Koji, Perspektivenbox

This series of narrative or non-narrative videos represent the surface of the world in slow or instant manner. The WORLD has no interior, inside, or inmost region, but a rolling sheet which content phenomena forms a huge spiral structure. Through these videos, we clearly can see anything -- as the etymology of video is "videō"(I see) -- presented in an apparent way. We see, just like we walk, even into the inferno, Dante still walked "on" the surface. Ignoring the concept of "insight", but observing upon the sheet of the living, the plane of the time.


Yang Yu ChiaoYang Yu Chiao is a folktale narrator who has collected thousands of oral traditional folktales around the world. He studies the poetics and comparative analysis of folktales. As an oral storyteller and researcher of folktales, he holds many traditional narrating events in theaters, book stores and other independent performance spaces. He is also a professional translator of English-Japanese-Chinese and has participated in lots of international conferences or movie projects. He also wrote two books including tales inspired from oracle bone scripts.
☯ 楊雨樵楊雨樵,喜歡散步,喜歡樹的屍骨。現專職為口頭傳統民間譚的言說藝術表演者。致力於彙整各地的古代文字、神話譜系與民間譚,並自2014 年開始於全台各地開設「世界民間譚講座」。曾受聲樂訓練,以獨唱家身份自2007 開始與各大學合唱團及其他專業樂團合作演出,2015年於台中「溪流」空間表演《我好樂—-巴哈、普賽爾歌曲與西歐民間故事》。並與藝綻室內樂團合作,於台灣各地各級學校進行音樂教育的推廣與引薦。2017年以民間譚言說藝術表演者身份,與藝綻室內樂團合作演出《純粹。聽說》。創作部分,著有甲骨文異譚集:《藝》——字中事(2014),《易》——字中事(2016),與畫家陳澈合作出版版畫詩集《Counterpoint Archive》(2017),並創辦表面雜誌《COVER》(2017-)。


Network Neighborhood


Click your mouse to move slowly forward with the smallest possible increments. Pace your walk with sameness and regularity, as you extend the progression of time with every step, try to feel the subtle connection between virtual and real. Begin the journey from East Longitude 121° and N Lattitude 23.5° and browse through 10 sites of perpetual tranquility.

以滑鼠點擊最小單位的每一步緩慢前進, 徒步過程中均質、規律,在行走拉長時間的同時,也試圖感受實虛間的微妙關係。 從東經121°、北緯23.5°出發,瀏覽10處永晝寧靜之所。

☯ Liou
A neighborhood on the Internet that loves walking, surfs the internet during leisure time and fishes in the virtual sea for good and simple images and stories. Liou is also interested in film culture, contemporary photography and ecological video documentation.





24.6168968, -101.4129889

14.1332676, -16.0703134






Daily exercise


Q. How would you describe self-cultivation?

Self-cultivation -- daily reflexive acts
A workout -- actions that are done repeatedly in search of precision

Upon waking up, I sit in front of a water hose with a drowsy mind, intense light shines on my optic nerves and give the eye lens a beating. In this way my visionary muscles get a workout, and my facial nerves are stimulated.

My body is a vessel through which I explore this world; how can i play with it, operate it, there is so much that can be said; let us begin by beating the lens with a water hose.

Q. 形容你是怎麼看待「修行」這件事?

修行 - 每日的自然反射動作
鍛鍊 - 會一再重複進行的動作,以求一個精準。



expertise is in manufacturing things of no market value. Producer of image and devices. Member of experimental band Sexy Little Young Pig.

專長無產值製造業 / 影像與裝置生產者 / 小嫩豬 Little Sexy Young Pig 團員之一。

Flesh under the arrow keys

Geometrical flesh

Transparent flesh

Mythological flesh

Flesh of a puppet

Flesh under my pen

A inching back to reality

Thousand Character Classic


Step 1: Polish and Prepare

The first step of carving is to smooth the stone and its surface.
Use #600 sandpaper to grind up the surface, then move on to #1000, #1500, and #2000 for more detailed work. Add water intermittently during this process to help smooth out the texture. When the stone surface becomes very fine, use #3000 and #5000 sandpaper for final polish.The stone has become a seal. It is ready.

Step 2: Write, words carved in the bones and engraved in the heart

Good words are carved with sincerity to express positivity and to move the soul. Words below such caliber are not worthy to be passed on.

Step 3: Carve, to be bold and conscious

The most important part of carving a seal is knife work. Be bold and stay conscious. There are many methods of carving; listen to your mind and channel your thoughts through the motion of your hands. See the engraving slowly emerge on the 1 inch square seal.  Inhale, exhale. Listen to the collapsing sound of carving.

Step 4: Check every stroke, every detail and make modifications

Be patient, check, examine and process every detail. Sand down the stubbornness, polish your merits, add in some personality, be well-read, be bold, stay patient, and work towards a positive result.

The process of carving is about self-fulfillment--it is mundane and requires self-discipline. Those who learn to inhale and exhale at ease can master the art of the carving.

 果珍李柰,菜重芥薑 (guo zhen li nai, cai zhong jie jiang) is a phrase from the Thousand Character Classic, a Chinese epic poem of exactly 1000 words; each word in the poem only appears once, composed in four line rhyming stanza structure. The classic is based on Confucius thought and narrates a range of topics, including astronomy, geography, social studies, history, ethics and governance of the family.

 The phrase 果珍李柰,菜重芥薑 literally translates as: the crab apple and the plum are the most precious of all fruit; the mustard leaf and ginger are the most important of all vegetables. The phrase points to the health benefits that plants can bring to a person’s life.


步驟二撰寫印稿, 寫下刻骨銘心至誠之言




 果珍李柰,菜重芥薑是《千字文》裡的其中一句短語。《千字文》以儒家思想為主體,兼納天文地理、社會歷史及君子治家處身之道。是一篇由一千個不重複的漢字組成的一首四言長詩。暇瑕設定在今年內完成《千字文》的篆刻計畫。

 果珍李柰,菜重芥薑的白話解釋:在水果裡最珍貴的就是李子和柰子,而蔬菜裡最重要的就是芥菜和薑。兩句話表達了植物對人們生活健康的作用。

☯ Ebix
Ebix (Ebi Tsai)  devotes herself to practicing and promoting Chinese calligraphy and seal carving.

Her Chinese name 暇瑕, pronounced as xiá xiá, means perfect imperfection.

Life is meaningful when you embrace the imperfection of yourself. Beauty is created through experiencing life.
☯ 暇瑕
暇瑕取其perfect imperfection當成工作室的座右銘;

Hyper Dimension of Illusion

Shark Lin

Self-cultivation is a process of exploring dimension of a specific topic. In the process, I accidentally step into a bottomless pit of mathematics, design, art, film, games, music, new media, and all the subversive fun of super-experiencing the world. There are always discoveries to be made every day.


☯ Shark Lin
Lin discovered the delight of mathematics one boring morning in middle school second grade, while attending a self-study class. Lin is currently involved in mathematics research, artistic creation, interviews, popular science writing and exhibition planning. Instead of studying math or learning art, Lin reflects upon various mathematical and artistic gestures from multiple perspectives, in hopes to bring some delight into the world.Lin’s math-art works have been exhibited at Stockholm Bridges (2018), IMAGINARY (2017), Pan Knowledge Festival (2016), On-site, Visual (2015、2016). Lin's curatorial projects include Dimension of Illusion (2018) , The Geometric Artworks of Wu Kyun Ying (2017) , Polyhedron Making (2017).

*Dimension of Illusion, an art exhibition curated by Shark Lin, will run until December 31st at EnterSpace, Taipei.


數學藝術作品曾在斯德哥爾摩Bridges(2018)、IMAGINARY超越無限 ‧ 數學印象特展(2017)、泛知識節(2016)、視覺混種(2015、2016)展出;策展經歷包括《錯視維度》、《轉幾 ‧ 轉積 ‧ 轉機》及《多面自造》。

*Shark Lin策劃的展覽《錯視維度》於台北密室逃脫 / 咖啡實驗室舉行,展至年底12月31日。