Future Tao: Inner Scripture 2018 was a website of experimental self-cultivation methods collectively written by 30 creators. The project was exhibited at Bangkok Bienniale the same year.

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      ◎Grashina Gabelmann
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👂Inner Ear
︎Cosmopolitics in Sound ◎Sheryl Cheung
︎Internal Motivations ◎A Workshop by Sheryl Cheung, participants Anja Borowicz and Harriet Pittard
︎Electric Phantom ◎Itaru Ouwan
︎Meridian of Fortune ◎TEIHAKU
︎Terms* ◎Chun Yin Rainbow Chan
      & Craig Stubbs-Race
︎Gentle Steps Tainan ◎Nigel Brown
︎Amplified trumpet, Propellers, Metal and Air  ◎Sound of the Mountain
︎Year  ◎Jin Sangtae
︎聲音裡的宇宙政治 ◎張欣
︎內部運動 ◎由張欣帶領的工作坊, 參與者Anja
      Borowicz和Harriet Pittard
︎電魂 ◎追灣及
︎財經二周天 ◎鐵一
︎條款* ◎陳雋然 與 Craig Stubbs-Race
︎躡步台南 ◎Nigel Brown
︎電聲小號、螺旋槳,金屬和空氣 ◎山的聲音
︎年 ◎秦相太

Archive 2018_Dantian Practice

3C Xing Yi Quan



Xia Lin

Xia Lin's art project ’3C Xing Yi Quan' is a new style of martial arts (open source, work in progress) that imitates the body language and characteristics of 3C products.

How has your body changed with long-term use of 3C products?

  1. The neck stretches forward to watch the screen, and a new lump of flesh is developed on the back of neck.
  2. The back of wrist becomes smooth after prolonged time using keyboard and mouse.
  3. The spine is shaped into a humpback, or strained off center by sitting crossed legs or sideways.
  4. The butt is flattened, and a growing belly forms after sitting at a chair for a long time.
  5. Restless legs and habitual shaking movements formed by an agitated body not wanting to stay in same place.
  6. Eyes glued to the screen, trained to browse information very quickly.
  7. Scope of vision becomes narrow and close.
  8. Feeling comfortable with screen light and LED in the dark.
  9. Feeling uncomfortable without WiFi, have to check updates all the time.
  10. The ears can distinguish different cell phone alerts and sound effects. (and etc…)


  1. 容易伸長脖子看螢幕,頸部後面凸起的肉。
  2. 手掌下方因經常使用鍵盤和滑鼠而變光滑的皮膚。
  3. 駝背、翹腳、側坐的脊椎。
  4. 因長時間的坐姿,越來越凸的小腹,越來越扁平的屁股。
  5. 不甘願一直坐在椅子上不停晃動的腿。
  6. 能盯著螢幕看都不眨眼,並快速瀏覽資訊的眼球。
  7. 習慣近距離的視線範圍。
  8. 習慣在黑暗中有螢幕與LED的光線。
  9. 需要時常檢查更新,沒有wifi網路會焦慮不安的內心。
  10. 能分辨出各種不同訊息音效的耳朵(等等很多...)。

Practice 3C Xing Yi Quan
Change our digital lifestyle



Xia Lin
Xia Lin employs multimedia, video, text and performance for an artistic practice that concerns Taichi philosophy, martial arts, and cognitive processes of humans and machines. Xia’s ongoing project 3C Xing Yi Quan is a new form of internal martial arts that seeks to grasp the essence of mobile computer gadgets and accessories. The practice helps mind and body equilibrium in the digital age.

Archive 2018_Dantian Practice

Virtual Feng Shui Statues 

Fong Han-Yu

Fong Han-yu is a Health Aesthetician who has committed himself to the study and methodology of Virtual Health Preservation. Dr. Feng founded this school of thought in 1991, he has published numerous books and has invented a line of health cultivation sculptures beneficial for the mind and body. These sculptures combine traditional chinese theory and human-oriented technological innovations. Engage through the means of look, touch, appreciation and play, and improve the flow of qi through the tendons and muscles. These sculptures, placed in a suitable position at home can guide a prosperous flow of fengshui energy. Health cultivation sculptures are not confined in the virtual or the real; the virtual and the real are mutually generative, they can also be deposited on the internet. The sculptures are a blessing to modern day people who live a busy lifestyle.

*The content in this production are of artistic creation. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased) is intended or should be inferred.

鳳漢玉老先生,養生美學博士,於1991年始,醉心於研究「虛擬養生學」的本體與方法理論,為此學派的開創者與實踐者。鳳博士除著作豐沛,亦專注研發有助於身心靈之「養生雕塑」,積極將傳統理論融合人類高科技產物,強調觀、觸、賞、玩四相共構,觸之引暢筋脈氣血 ; 擺置於適切之處亦可導引吉祥風水之氣。養生雕塑不侷限於虛實,虛實相生相轉,可存於網路,對於忙碌之現代人乃一大福音。


Virtual Feng Shui Statues

Fong Han-yu
Fong Han-yu immerses himself in the flow and clustering of images in mass media culture. Often working within social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, and tumblr, Fong's creative approach is often based on collecting images and creating fictional narratives. Each project is defined by a specific concern and set of rules that guide his process of assemblage. Through virtual projects such as Plantktonics, Happy Virtual Friend, Virtual Check-in, Peace and Happiness, Software 2050, Human observations, Fong attempts to
draw out new ways of seeing.

鳳漢玉關注大眾網路文化中影音的流動與群聚,並親身滲透其中進行探索。常以社群網路平台(facebook, instagram, tumblr...)為媒材進行創作,計畫主題多以「蒐集」與「虛構」為方法,在特定議題與規則下蒐集組合大量圖像,使觀者得以不同角度經驗圖像,作品包含「蜉蝣爛渣」、「快樂虛擬朋友」、「虛擬打卡」、「平安喜樂」、「寂しい software 2050」、「人類察看」...等。

Archive 2018_Dantian Practice

We now have mastered
the ability to throw stones with empty hands

Eteam (Hajoe Moderegger and Franziska Lamprecht)

Who knows the future of predictions? Will they be made by machines, our fortunes told by data? Techne, as it says in the dictionary we use, comes from the Greek: art, skill, cunning of hand. As in deceiving; craftiness; guile. adeptness in performance; dexterity.

Technology today connects Trillions. But what is that number in comparison to the relations the universe maintains? Relays. We meant to say: But what is that number in comparison to the relations the universe relays to those aware of what? Their bodies? Their being part of the isolation of bodies in space? What kind of space? What kind of body? Condensations in the void?

Lao Tzu says it is the empty part of the vessel that is the most useful. Shape hardware into Internet – is it our ability to throw stones with empty hands that is most useful?

We now can script that into forms of empty gestures. The user’s hand lost its cunning. Currently the cosmic dance is a protest, the cosmic apprentices are bearing witness on behalf of the Internet. We, the Internet protest. We, the Internet practice. We, the Internet are aware of being circled and looked upon from outside angles, being rummaged around in our scripts. Sometimes we do it ourselves. “Not knowing that one knows is best,” says Lao Tzu.

Running clock-wise. Back and forth within that rotation. Even empty space is curved and to adapt to that takes an expanded practice with a limited range of applicability. What bends the mind straightens the body. Intrinsic rhythm. Repeatedly, we say, we are standing upright on two feet and gesture outward. Repeatedly, we signal outward to draw attention to an inner state. In a frame of reference we move with respect to the observer. Relatively speaking, we represent.



今天的科技將億萬的人聯繫起來。但這個數字與宇宙的關係相比是什麼呢?轉換迴路(relay)。 我們的意思是:這個數字相比於宇宙迴路中所傳送的關係又是什麼?那些關係的接收者意識到了什麼?關係的體現?隔離身體的空間?什麼樣的空間?什麼樣的身體? 虛空中的凝結?

老子曾說,「埏埴以為器,當其無,有器之用。」[1]  將硬體塑造成網際網路 - 空手扔石頭的能力是否是最有用呢?


順應時鐘上的指針,在旋轉中來回運行,即使是空的空間也是彎曲的。要適應就必須在有限的應用範圍中擴展練習。拗折意識的東西拉直了我們的身軀。內在的節奏,我們反覆地說;雙腳站立,姿態向外,我們反覆地向外發出信號,召喚對內心狀態的注意。 在這框架中,我們相對觀察者的位置正在移動。 相對的說,我們是一種形象。


☯ Eteam
Since 2001 eteam (Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger) traffic in transience. At the intersection of relational aesthetics, the Internet and land art, eteam coordinates collective happenings and conceptual transactions between the earthly plane and the realms of the interweb, often reconstructed in hypnotic video work, radio plays, or more recently novellas and novels. Their projects have been featured at PS1 NY, MUMOK Vienna, Centre Pompidou Paris, Transmediale Berlin, Taiwan International Documentary Festival, New York Video Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, the 11th Biennale of Moving Images in Geneva, among others.

eteam 團隊自2001年由Franziska Lamprecht與Hajoe Moderegger 於倏忽之間瓜田李下地達成交易。eteam合作的方向通常在關係美學、網路、與環境藝術的交匯中,以團隊的方式在我們所處的世界或者互聯網域間安排偶發事件,而這些作品通常以帶有催眠風格的錄像作品,廣播秀,還有最新使用的輕小說或是小說文體。他們過去的作品已經在紐約的PS1、維也納的MUMOK、巴黎龐畢度中心、柏林的跨媒體藝術節(Transmediale)、台灣國際紀錄片影展、紐約錄像節、鹿特丹國際電影節、第十一界日內瓦動態影像雙年展等國際作品亮相。

Archive 2018_Dantian Practice



HB/AV is a series of artist-led movement seminars designed for audio/video download. The concept of HB/AV is the same as HB's workshop series: bringing together somatic exercises with critical discourse that might take the form of a lecture, a dialogue, a guided meditation, and/or other modes of experimental and performative texts - basically “Heavy Breathing on the Go”.


Chani Bockwinkel

SAPPHO and SWEAT 薩福與汗水

(2018, 23:06)

A luxurious and sweaty strange dance class to perform alone in your room. A thunderfuck of somatics, athletics and the burning words of Sappho's poetry.

"...that loosener of limbs, bittersweet creature against which nothing can be done.” — Sappho



Anne Carson, If Not Winter, Fragments of Sappho
Tom Meyers, Anatomy Trains
Irene Dowd, Taking Root to Fly
Mary R. Lefkowitz,
Women in Greek Myth

Christina Linden

Monsters Herding Cats, and Ducks In A Row


(2018, 10:00)

Audio guide for a session of stretching, rolling, crawling, and light contact improv for adults and their baby or toddler friends. Readings of selected excerpts from children's books and Moyra Davey's Mother Reader. Bring your own music.

適合成人、嬰兒、和幼兒朋友們的語音導覽,內容包括拉伸、滾動、爬行、輕量的接觸即興活動、以及摘自莫伊拉 · 戴維的母親讀本、兒童書籍的文本閱讀。請配上你自己選擇的音樂。

Claudia La Rocco

If we are to have magical bodies
we must have magical minds 

(2018, 18:40)

This is a somewhat condensed version of my contribution to the Heavy Breathing series, which I performed at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in 2017. It is a splice of my two practices, shuttling between very different or maybe very similar modes: my writing, and my teacher’s notes.
Some of the writing is new and some of it is previously published; some of the notes are edited, and some are not.


Kate Rhoades + Eli Thorne

Dirty Work 熱活

(2018, 22:11)

We lead couples in a strength training workout based on a chapter from Ann McClintock's book, Imperial Leather which investigates gender, violence, class, and BDSM in Victorian England. Participants will take turns being submissive or dominant and get dirty while building muscle.

Special thanks to Stephanie Ellis.

我們帶領情侶進行體能訓練,內容起源於安 · 麥克克林托克的著作「帝國皮革」裡其中一章,調查維多利亞時代英格蘭有關性別、暴力、階級和BDSM的歷史。 參與者將輪流擔任順從或主導的角色,在熱情的運動中增長肌力。

特別鳴謝  史提芬妮 · 艾利斯。

Tom Comitta

Born to Run 生來就是要奔跑的

(2018, 45:34)

Thank you to Sophia Wang and Lisa Rybovich Crallé for creating a space and context for this piece. For more information on literary supercuts — mine and others — check out this conversation between me and Jez Burrows published by The Believer in May 2018:

Born to Run is an audio chapbook that collages descriptions of running and jogging from over 60 novels. There's everything in here from Stephen King's The Running Man to Cynthia Voigt's The Runner, with a sprinkling of Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie and Samuel R. Delany. To experience this piece, a listener would get on a treadmill, elliptical or any artificial exercise device, put on headphones and press play.

感謝Sophia Wang 和 LisaRybovichCrallé為這件作品創造的場域和語境。
有關此項目的更多文學精選 - 自我和其他作者 - 請查閱2018年5月由The Believer出版訪談:

「生來就是要奔跑的」是一段語音章節,拼貼60多部小說中跑步和慢跑的描述。 涵蓋的著作有斯蒂芬 · 金的過關斬將和辛西亞 · 佛特的跑者,其中包括查爾斯 · 狄更斯、阿加莎 · 克里斯蒂和塞繆爾 R.德拉尼。以體驗這件作品,請站上跑步機,滑步機或任何人工運動裝置,隨著肢體的運動,戴上耳機並按播放。

Christian Nagler



(2018, 22:28)

In this session we will delve deeply into some embodied non-solutions to the problem of global risk management. What are global risk management practices and how do they relate to our nervous systems? Listen, follow along and engage in an athletic and de-armoring session of Reichian somatics, full-corpus spasms, and galactic tingles. Wear comfortable clothes. Prepare to move, breathe intensely, yell, and freak out a little.

Performer Bios
Amelia Charter is an artist, performer and teacher living in Los Angeles.
Kevin Nagler is an artist currently located in Abiquiu, New Mexico
Susannah Schoff is a teacher who lives in Alameda, CA

1. Ulrich Beck, Living in the World Risk Society, 2006
2. Michel Foucault, Security Territory, Population, Lectures at the College de France, 1979 (especially lecture no. 2)
3. Benjamin Lee and Edward Lipuma, Circulatory Risks and the Speculative Habitus
4. Dusan Makavejev, WR: Mysteries of the Organism, 1971
5. Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, 1933 and Character Analysis, 1933
6. Claire Souch, Pushing the Boundaries of Catastrophe Modeling, 2014
7. Peter A. Levine Nature's Lessons in Healing Trauma


克里斯汀 · 納格爾近年來持續對矽谷的表演文化進行人類學研究,創作錄像作品Shoulder Babies,並籌辦一個命名為phoebe的組織。寫作曾發表於 TDR、Performance Research、Art Practical,2016年出版書籍「人力資本:生命」。

☯ Heavy Breathing
Heavy Breathing is a series of experimental movement seminars designed by artists combining physical activity with group discussion on ideas related to their creative practice. Critical thinking often feels heady, abstract, and divorced from the body. How do conversations change when we are moving our bodies and out of breath? What new modes of thinking become possible?
來自美國西岸的重呼吸(Heavy Breathing)是一系列藝術家策劃的實驗性運動研討會,結合肢體活動與話語交流。批判性思維經常讓人感到頭重腳輕、過於抽象、並與身體分離。當身體在移動中,上氣不接下氣地喘息時,對話又如何改變?什麼樣的新思維模式變得可能?

Archive 2018_Dantian Practice

Sun’s Shadow 太陽影子

Son Ni

Click on the picture to enter 

This series of drawings on paper depict clear contoured images that express an intimacy between one and one’s domestic world. Through original perspective and style, the work is a limitless creation made under limited conditions. Drawings is some kind of ritual or habit that begins by defining all the frames; in these spaces, I place bodies, objects and emotionally existing utopias and discover a gap in time-space where the closedness of reality opens into a boundlessness--where I explore the relationship between reality and illusion.

Searching for intangible materials in a fixed, defined world, Sun’s Shadow opens up a wide vision where the self is continually thrown out; viewers are encouraged to free themselves from the usual limitations and explore a greater imagination; to excavate an implied existence beyond the physical.


☯ Son Ni
I can make things disappear and I can make things reappear. By things I mean anything, even people, but I have a soft heart and it makes things difficult. I memorize these things before I vanish them, in case I may regret someday. If I don't remember them, no one else will.

Son Ni, Born 1984 in Taipei, Son Ni is mainly engages in drawing, painting, and art publishing. She founded independent publishing house nos:books in 2008 and mini mobile art space The Calabash Gallery in 2014.


Son Ni,1984年生於台北,主要從事素描繪畫創作、及藝術出版工作。2008年起,成立獨立印刷出版社「nos:books」2014年起,開始「葫蘆藝廊」計畫,葫蘆藝廊是一個行動微型藝廊。